Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Getting my March post in

We have been busy the past month! I have to start out my posts like that because it makes me feel better about not posting in so long. But, really, we have been busy. I had an awesome surprise birthday party and really was surprised. We went to Hobbs, my parents came here, and Russell, Susan, Zack, and Phillip were here. Also, we now have a beautifully tiled bathroom (thanks Dad!), new living room furniture (thanks Jordan), and grass in the backyard (thank you Jay, Jason, Diana, Chuck, and Debbie). It has been amazing looking out in the backyard everyday and going from very discouraged looking at a big pile of mud, to now looking out and seeing big patches of tall-ish green grass. It really is amazing!
The kids are great. Madison is BIG and I mean 17 pounds big. She is a chunk! It's so cute. She is sitting up for short periods, rolling over, scooting across the room, sucking her thumb, smiling and cooing, spitting and blowing bubbles, eating cereal, bananas, sweet potatoes, prunes, and puffs and loves all of them. She accidentally got a little crumb of cookie and REALLY loved that. She also loves to pull off her socks, play with her feet, and always wants to hold your hands and stand up. I think she is ready to be able to chase after Gavin, she adores him. Gavin is running all over the place, climbing on things, and talking! He babbles sentences that are hard to understand but is using lots of words correctly too. The cutest thing is the the way he waves and says buh bye. It's worth coming over just to leave and hear it, it will melt your heart. I have several funny stories but I will save them for another day. I want to post pics before they both wake up and whereas I like to think of myself as being computer saavy, it takes me way to long to post pictures, I am not sure what I am doing wrong.

the kids with their adorable cousin Zach, of course they are all looking in different directions

We had dinner with some fun friends, Michael and Evan, who have a cute son and daughter and before we left they dressed up as cowboys and shot us all.

*Just so you know these pictures posted quickly. We recently switched from safari to firefox and I think it just might have been safari gettin' me down.