Friday, June 01, 2012


We went to our annual Dave Matthews concert with our great friends the Clark's. It was extra fun this year with the opening Amish hipster band and the girl who would never sit down in front of us because she had to be dancing. Dave was awesome as always and they played one song for over 30 minutes- major jamming out :)
It was a fun kid free weekend- they went to Isaiah's adoption (Yay!!!)and Zackery's bday party in College Station with Pawpaw.

It's gonna be May

Some fun pics from this month....

A date with Mommy

Gavin and I got to go on a fun mommy and son date to the Rangers game. We were both do excited and had so much fun, even though they lost :(
The best part of the night was definitely just getting to talk to him about whatever he wanted to. He told me wanted to grow up and be a great dad and also sell nuts and bolts like Daddy. The funniest line he said was when we were walking back to the car Gavin wanted to run but I told him no bc there was too much traffic and he said "but I really wanted to run off into the sunset!!" hahah!!
Love this boy and can't believe how fast he is growing up!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

We love zoo Wednesday's

Last Wednesday we went to the ft worth zoo (love half price day!) for the last time until school is back in session and the temp is not above 100.

Madison's favorites are still the elephants and the hippos. We looked at the one hairy, saggy elephant that was out that day for at least 30 minutes :) Madi went on and on about how cute he was. Then we watched the hippos for a loooong time. We saw them lift their heads up about 5 times which was exciting.

They had the new amphitheater open and we watched a play in which they brought out all kinds of neat animals.
They asked for some kid volunteers to come on stage and they got to hold a huge python (sick!!)! Gavin was surprisingly extremely disappointed he did not get to hold a snake so we went on a quest to find a snake for him to hold, but had no luck. So instead we got ice cream (way better than holding a snake!).