Thursday, May 24, 2012

We love zoo Wednesday's

Last Wednesday we went to the ft worth zoo (love half price day!) for the last time until school is back in session and the temp is not above 100.

Madison's favorites are still the elephants and the hippos. We looked at the one hairy, saggy elephant that was out that day for at least 30 minutes :) Madi went on and on about how cute he was. Then we watched the hippos for a loooong time. We saw them lift their heads up about 5 times which was exciting.

They had the new amphitheater open and we watched a play in which they brought out all kinds of neat animals.
They asked for some kid volunteers to come on stage and they got to hold a huge python (sick!!)! Gavin was surprisingly extremely disappointed he did not get to hold a snake so we went on a quest to find a snake for him to hold, but had no luck. So instead we got ice cream (way better than holding a snake!).

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