Monday, June 29, 2009

Watch Brandon's engagement on the news tonight!

On Sunday after he did the triathlon Brandon proposed to his girlfriend Michelle! It was a great surprise and Jordan filmed it all for him. Tonight they are talking about the triathlon on the news and are going to show the proposal so everyone should tune in!!

Wednesday, June 03, 2009


Can you believe Gavin is TWO??? We celebrated his birthday last week and since his party has been enjoying all his fun gifts. He mows the lawn probably 5 hours a day and gives us many concerts on his guitar. Since the party he has learned to say "cake" and chants it every day. This morning all I heard on the monitor was "cake, cake, cake, cake, CAAAAAKE (in a high pitch scream which he has also learned and will hopefully unlearn soon)......cake, cake, cake....". He had learned to say Aunt Kate a couple of weeks ago, but since then she has become Aunt Cake. I think the child likes cake.

The cake- Didn't Aunt Nories do great??

Birthday Boy
Thanks to Jon for bringing the construction hat

Gavin's cousin Olivia, such a cutie and she had just had her birthday so she helped Gavin figure out how to open presents
Jude and his granddad

Maddys BFF Annerson
We are off to family vacation tomorrow so I wanted to get a quick post in so I would not have tons of catching up to do when we come home.

On another note, Madison now has 2 teeth and learned how to say Dada. I think Camren taught her that at their playdate.