Monday, December 21, 2009

so lovely

I LOVE anthropologie- their clothes, the housewares, the catalog photography, everything about it. And now they have brought back kids clothes!! Every now and then they will have a few pieces and they are the cutest.


I would like this dress for myself also

love the buttons on this skirt

I want to get Madison this cute apron (or sew her a similar one) to go with her retro style kitchen we got her for Christmas, every girl needs an apron to cook in

Saturday, December 19, 2009

104 Degrees

This has become a common reading on the thermometer for Madison the past few days. Believe it or not when it reads 102 I get excited and consider this to be "low" now.

Since Wednesday Madison has been running very high fever (usually around 103.4, and has not been below 101). So far we have seen her pediatrician, called the on call nurse a billion times, been to the ER (Thurs. night we could not get her fever down from 104 so we spent a couple hours in the ER. Poor Jordan had to fly out the next morning at 6 and we got home at 330am), and called the on call nurse a billion more times.

All that has been done is a strep test which she tested negative for. Besides the fever there really isn't much wrong, her throat is a little red and her nose a little runny. Apparently she has a virus that I just have to "let run its course". This is much easier said than done.

Today she was reading 104 again. Today is the first day she has acted really sick, she is very weak (has trouble walking) and just wants me to hold her and let her sleep. She is still eating some and drinking plenty of fluids so that is good.

So...I am just sitting here trying to be patient and letting this virus "run its course".........

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Have I mentioned lately....

I love this girl!

and I love this boy!

And of course I have to share some funny things Gavin has said over the past few weeks:

Gavin and I were playing and he leaned back and his arm hit my mouth and he said:
"No Mommy! No eating Gavin! *pointing at me* I said DO NOT eat me."

*Gavin singing* "Happy Birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear....uh....*looking around*....uh.... dear carpet, happy birthday to you"

me: Gavin what do you want for Christmas?
Gavin: birthday cake

and another time:
me: Gavin what do you want for Christmas?
Gavin: Pawpaws shoes

and another time:
me: Gavin what do you want for Christmas?
Gavin: To partyyyy!!!!

Gavin: *picking up a wrapped gift under the tree and examining it* "This is a car." -and he is right

Wednesday, December 02, 2009


We had a great thanksgiving, but it was definitely interesting. At 5 in the morning Thanksgiving day Gavin starts vomiting. This was not fun and being in a hotel room made it that much worse. So he gets sick a couple of more times and then Madison woke up sick. It was very strange because they both got sick a few times within a couple of hours and then were completely fine.
So since they were doing fine we went ahead and went over to my grandparents house and had an amazing meal and had so much fun seeing everyone.

On another note we are having Christmas with my parents next Saturday and Sunday, I cannot believe it is that close! We have been frantically shopping and actually are almost done. I have a couple more guys to buy for. Is it just me or are guys in general harder to shop for than girls??? I have the hardest time. If anyone has ideas please share!!

Jordan getting into the holiday spirit