Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Future Red Raider and Madison update

We went to the Tech game on Saturday night. Gavin was so funny. He had his snack trap full of goldfish and kept sticking it in everyone's faces to share with them (no, we did not know these people). He insists on sharing his food every time he is eating, he is so polite. His favorite part was riding on Jordan's shoulders on the LONG haul back to the car -we parked at FBC and I cannot believe I did not go into labor from that walk.

This Santa Clause man you see in the picture was Gavin's favorite to share his food with. He loved to do this right when tech was scoring, or better yet, catching an interception.
This is Gavin last year at a football game. Can you believe how much he has changed?!

On another note we had an appointment for Madison yesterday. She is still only 5 pounds, so she will be a little baby. Grow little Madison!! Dr. Kileen is still expecting me to have her 2-3 weeks early, so we are getting ready, it could be in just a week or so! I am trying to get Gavin to understand the concept of a "little sister", but its not so easy with a one and half year old. Everytime I ask if he is ready for his sister to be here or if he is excited about being a brother he just shakes his head "no". Although I don't think this means much because he is shaking his head no at everything, even ice cream. And who shakes their head "no" to ice cream and means it?
A kiss for Madison

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Cute Pics

Gavin wants his own iPod for Christmas

Rockin the sunglasses from Mamaw


Jordan and I recently went on our "babymoon" to Atlanta. We left Gavin for the first time, he stayed with my parents. It was definitely harder on me than it was on him.

This is us at the Braves game. They were playing the New York Giants, at least that is what I told everyone. However, apparently the Giants are a football team and they were actually playing the San Francisco Giants. I am very sports saavy.

We asked a random person to take a picture of us. Where are we? Well, those are our feet at the very top of the picture. We weren't expecting professional quality, but come on...

Olympic Park

This is us at the coke museum. We learned the secret ingredient to a coke is FUN!

We had a great time together and were glad to get to go on a vacation before Madison gets here!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Gavin: Corn Boy

We are testing out how to post a video on here and thought that this would be a cute one to use. I filmed Gavin a while back eating corn. We thought it would be funny to send it to his uncle Russell because in high school I called him corn boy. It seemed like every-time we had a meal Russell had corn with his. Don't get me wrong, corn one of the all time greats. It goes with any great southern meal, and I too have had my fair share of this glorious vegetable. Looking at my belly, some might argue that I've had more than my fair share anyway this isn't the time nor the place for that discussion. Russell was called corn boy first so it stuck with him, lucky me. Enjoy the next generation of corn lovers