Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Yes, Gavin did have a birthday

Some Gavin birthday pics....from 3 months ago

The birthday boy- my big 3 year old (note the fajita stains from the dinner- no white next year)

The birthday table, which I wanted outside, but it was too windy. Gavin did NOT like the balloons blowing in the wind, it made him quite upset. The birthday banner I made from really cool black/white/red scrapbook papers, it turned out cute, but its hard to tell in the pic
I also made the cupcakes, 2 dozen red velvet, 2 dozen funfetti. Half of them were good. It was less expensive, but I was sad not to get Gavin a cool cake this year (and did I mention half of the cupcakes were not good?), I think next year we will go back to good ole Aunt Nories.
Birthday Boy cupcake- isn't the stand too cute??
Gavin with some of his little guests, unfortunately all the rest of the pics from present time are on the other hard drive and Madi just woke up from her nap, so none of those

Monday, August 16, 2010

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Finally got my iphone mess figured out! So here are the pics I took on my phone of our golf fun.

Gavin's sweet golf clubs he got for his bday that Jordan wishes were his. The bag even has the little kickstand, isn't that so cute!! (is it called a kickstand?? Or is that only on bikes???)
First you must pick your club.
Then you pick either a yellow or white ball and scoot in in front of you using your club. No you cannot hit Madi's shoe- it must be a ball. Why did she take off her shoes and put them in the ball pile?? Wait- why are her shoes off? Where is she???

Oh there she is, climbing into the net where Gavin is about the hit the ball.
Now Gavin has to take a turn in the net.
Finally ready to take a swing.

Always keep your eyes on the ball.... And on Madison when their are golf clubs around.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

I Love Technology

Anyone remember the technology song from Napoleon Dynamite?? Classic.

I have some lovely photos that I took from my iphone of Gavin and his Daddy playing golf but I have only had my iphone for 8 months so of course it is not synched up to my computer and of course I have no idea how to upload photos from my phone to my computer. This makes me feel like a 70 year old who doesn't know how to work a DVD player. Oh technology- you are not my friend.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

10 days....

until I get to watch Eclipse!!! Anyone else excited??

Thursday, June 10, 2010

A few life updates....

We have had a lot of change going on around here..,..

Gavin is now a big THREE year old!!! He had a super awesome birthday party (way down on my to do list is a blog of Gavin's party- but I WILL get to it) At his 3 year appointment he did amazing. He did everything the nurse and doctor asked him to and he did not cry the whole time, even when he got his shot. Can you believe it?! Madison however started throwing a huge fit as soon as we were called back from the waiting room (she thought she was having to see the doctor) and on the way out she proceeded to trip on the asphalt and cut her head, so it was a semi-perfect office visit.

Jordan is no longer working at Alderson. He worked there for about 3 years and it was a great job for him, God really provided a lot through that job and although working Saturdays and until 6 every day was less than idea, it was a great thing for us for those years. Jordan quit to pursue a job with All Size Industrial Sales. If you know are friends the Clarks, that is the All Size I am talking about. He represents that company here in Lubbock and he sells nuts and bolts, electrical supples, drill bits, and all things of that nature. So if you are in need of that stuff, give Jordan a call!! Jordan has loved the job so far (although there is always stress with a new job) and we are really excited about it!

Gavin went to the ear nose and throat doctor this Tuesday to have his tonsils checked out because for the past couple of years he has had bad sleep apnea, snoring, and abnormal breathing. The doctor came into the room took one look at his tonsils and said we needed to take them out as soon as possible, so next Wednesday is the big day! I am a little nervous, but mostly relieved that having the tonsils and adenoids removed will fix all the problems he is having.

We have been swimming at Fun N Sun. If you have two kids and think you cannot take them by yourself because you are totally worried that one of them would drown because how could you ever keep up with 2 kids who cannot swim, this is the pool for you!! haha I was really convinced there was absolutely no way I could take them to the pool by myself. There is a fun splash park area right by the pool that Gavin really loves and the pool is like a wave pool in that you walk into it from ground level. This is perfect because I can sit in the shallow water and they can both walk around and play and "swim" in the water. There is also a little park with a firetruck and a tall slide (2 of their favorite things). We love it. Madison's favorite is jumping off the side of the pool and going down the slide that is taller than me (have I mentioned she is the brave one???).

On a completely different note, So you think you can dance has started a new season. Last night they announced the 10 which turned into 11 contestants. I was sooo excited because I LOVE Billy Bell (my fave probably), Robert, Lauren, Kent Boyd, Adechike, Alex Wong, and Jose. Yes that is all of the guys and one girl, I love when they choose lots of lyrical type dancers. I am soooo excited (and Jordan too-but don't tell him I said that). To top it off Mia Michaels is back, oh how I LOVE Mia. She is only a judge, not a choreographer, but that is better than no Mia at all. Is anybody else obsessed with this show???

Friday, April 30, 2010

Happy Friday!

This photo makes me happy, Gavin was standing on the dresser watching the man across the street mow his lawn. Gav cannot wait until he is old enough to mow the lawn for Daddy, for now the bubble mower will have to suffice.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Meet Madi- 18 months

This is more for me to remember than anything else, but here we go....

Weight: 20 lbs
Height: 31 inches
tall and skinny- who is surprised???

Madison LOVES:
-bows in her hair
my favorite story with this is one day she wakes up from her nap and I hear her in her room: "mooooomy, moommmmmmmyyyyy, mommy!, moooooomy" I walk in and she is standing in her crib with one finger on the top of her head pointing and she says "BOW!".
Her bow had fallen out during her nap and of course she noticed and wanted it back in.

- Shoes
She picks out a pair everyday and if she sees your shoes lying on the ground she will take hers off and proceed to wear yours. She even wants to picks out shoes to match her pjs and insists I let her sleep in them (yes she has won before). This obsession has begun a bit early don't you think??

- The tricycle
Everytime we go outside she drags gavins tricycle with us. She can't reach the pedals yet but she really tries and will scoot up so she can move it by walking her feet. When we were in Dallas last week there was a pink and purple tricycle in the window of a toy store and she had her nose to the glass staring until I drug her away.

-Her thumb and her belly button.
Anytime Madi is tired or gets out of sorts at all her right thumb goes in her mouth and she finds her belly button with the other hand. She has sort of an outtie belly button and loves to mess with it.

-Her Daddy.
While he is at work she asks me at least once an hour "Wheres Daddy" and everytime she wakes up in the morning or after nap, "Wheres Daddy?"

She loves carrying her babies around and taking care of them. When we saw Brad and Brookes baby Camden for the first time she was in awe. She got to hold him and she was in heaven.

-playing dress up
A girl can never have on too many necklaces and bracelets.

one of the both Madi and Gavin's favorite things is to turn on music (preferably Ben Rector or Coldplay) and dance around and play the guitar and drums. It is fun. I hope no one ever looks in the window and sees me dancing around, I make a complete fool of myself, but we have FUN.

Madison HATES:

-getting in her car seat

-riding in the cart at the stores (this makes life REAL easy for me - HAH)

-taking a bath without Gavin- I don't know why she hates it, but she will yell "nooooooo" anytime she has to take a bath if Gavin is not taking a bath too

-going poop
I won't entertain you with a story there.

So that's Madison at 18 months!

You just thought you could get through a blog post of mine without photos....here they are!!

playing talking on my phone, please ignore the mess of toys, we have since got new toy storage and its MUCH better....wait I just looked and it really looks the same, somehow we managed to get two new storage furniture things and we still have that black thing filled with toys too. Where do all these toys come from??????

looking serious, trying to find her belly button

walking the tricycle

saying cheese!

Saturday, April 10, 2010


Gavin has turned into quite the entertaining little 2 year old. He really does say the funniest things and has some interesting logic.

I ask him if he wants to go get ice cream at Sheridans, his reply: "Actually Mom I think I want to go to the ice cream shoppe." He uses the word "actually" quite a bit - and correctly I might add. "I think" also is in about 75% of what he says.

He knows how to bargain with you. "Gavin come put on your pajamas" I tell him. "Well hooow abooout (he always drags these 2 words, squints his eyes and angles his head to the side when he says this) if I put on my pajamas then you can get me some bunny cereal."

When he wants something he will say: "Mom I think you do want to go to Target and buy me some cars". He is very good at telling you what you think. He also tells me what Madison wants to do. Me: "Gavin, Madison wants to play with the legos also, lets give her some so she can play too" Gavin will study Madison's face like he is figuring something out then look at me and say, "No Mommy, Madison just wants to play dolls in her room by herself"

He always keeps me entertained.

Saturday, April 03, 2010

You know it's a holiday weekend and your family is in town when....

one of your children starts running a high fever and then the next day your other child is throwing up.
Naturally this would happen on a weekend when you have a LOT planned and family you really wanted to see in town.
Let me just note in case you don't remember that this EXACT thing happened to us on Thanksgiving and on Madison's birthday. We have great timing with the sicknesses over here!!

Friday, April 02, 2010

Have you seen....

Kailee and Patrick's Session??

and Cambrie's Session??

Go check it out!!!
Have I mentioned that I have the 2 best jobs in the world. Mommy and photographer, I LOVE it!!!

If you have kids I have two big recommendations for younger ones. We went to the science spectrum and they LOVED it. I think we will be getting a yearly membership once Gavin turns 3. Kids under 3 are free and adults are $7.50. An unlimited yearly membership is $100 and you get discounts for omni and the gift shop. Pretty good deal. Also Jordan took the kids to Blue Sky to eat while I had a shoot and they have a sandpit for the kids to play in. Gav and Madison LOVED it. When I met them up there they had been playing for probably an hour and we stayed a good 45 minutes longer. It was a great time (and great food). We are always looking for something new to do, so if you have something you do with your kids let us know!!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

What Not To Wear

Kids can have the strangest preferences when it comes to clothes. Gavin has two (faded) shirts he LOVES, his "skateboard shirt" and "digger shirt". Every morning when we get dressed and I pull out a shirt that is not one of these shirts he gets his whiny voice and "Nooooooo I want my skateboard/digger shirt". One week he wore only these 2 shirts...that is the same 2 shirts for 7 days. I now sometimes intentionally leave them out of the wash so he doesn't get to wear them more than 2 times a week (yes I do that much laundry) and sometimes I even tell him "its not clean" when it might be. Is that bad?? I know, it is, okay I wont do it anymore. When my sister was little she wore a pink tutu over everything. Did you know you can wear a tutu over jeans, a sweatsuit, pajamas, even a bathing suit??? Well, Madison has now reached this stage. Every morning we get dressed, she always prefers to wear a skirt or dress, she wants a bow in her hair or pigtails, and then she wants.....

yes these are rattle socks
yes they are made for infants
yes that is a strange looking red and orange monkey
no they do not fit at all, the heel ends in the middle of the bottom of her foot
yes sometimes she wears them outside to play
and yes she has worn them to the grocery store
This look is not much better than the rattle socks
he can throw the ball
and he can catch the ball
Such a big boy!!

Now go check out Meredith on my photoblog

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Getting Ready for Spring - Sisters Gardens

I am so excited that my bulbs are coming up and my small rosebushes have leaves budding on them!! This year I really want to do a lot with the yard and get it looking really nice. I like gardening, but it is not the easiest thing when you have 2 babies. This spring they are older, both can walk, and LOVE playing outside (the entire time we are out back Madi just cilmbs up her slide, slides down and then repeats this for an hour until we go inside, I don't know how she does it!!), so I am ready to get to work. And may I just say I have a LOT of work to do.

Debbie and her sisters have this really great site called Sisters Gardens where they sell everything for your garden from gardening tools, to stepping stones, to patio furniture, and even information on organics. One thing I really really love the barnwood furniture, I really want the buffet. I love yards that have outdoor kitchens and great furniture so that it truly looks like an outdoor living space.

I also love this planter. Isn't it fabulous??

Another cool thing they carry is unique plants that you can't just go pick up at your local home depot. Are these not AMAZING?? This is a firewheel tree.

Right now they are offering 15% off your purchase!!

Last year you might remember we planted seed in our backyard. That was an adventure. We still have some bare spots in the back so we are going to reseed *sigh* and hopefully it will be looking great by Gavin's birthday, which I am hoping to have in the backyard. We also have this strange side area where we cannot get ANYTHING to grow. Right now a path of flagstone separates the part of the yard where grass grows and the barren dirt part. We are considering just filling in the whole area with flagstone and creating a patio area where Jordan can grill and we can set up our patio furniture. 2 of our back flowers beds have nothing in them, so if you have a great looking flower bed you should post a photo and tell me what is in it!! I am looking for ideas!!!

Tuesday, March 02, 2010


I cannot resist sharing a few pics from a session I am working on right now of sweet Eliza. More to come later!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

What I get to do today....

EDIT!! Jordan is off and so I am hoping to get caught up on a lot of shoots....maybe I will post some of the photography blog....wait, don't count on that. Why is blogging so hard??? I can't ever decide what photos to put on the blog and then it is too late to post them. Oh well, it will just have to be something that I try to work on.

Here are a couple of sessions I am finishing up/ starting. I thought I would share these b/c everyone who read this knows them, this is Crew's 4 months and Kendi's 7 months

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Let's figure this out....

Two year olds really are not logical and mine is no exception. Generally when he doesn't get his way he falls to the ground and proceeds to whine and cry. Usually he is also yelling " I want Mommy do it!!!!". He is in this phase right now where only I can do things for him. I am the chosen one. If he wants his sippy cup and someone besides me hands it to him, he will NOT accept it. He won't even do things for himself anymore. If he drops a toy and it is at his feet he will still ask me to pick it up for him. Although I am flattered he likes me that much, I still refuse to be his slave. Aren't I suppose to be the boss????
Well the other day he really really wanted some candy, but he had not eaten his lunch so I told him no, you need to eat your lunch. He then walked over to me, climbed in my lap and said, "Okay Mommy, let's figure this out. I really want some candy, but I don't want to eat my lunch." This really made me laugh that he wanted to discuss it.

Well in my continuing attempt to get a good photo of them together, here are some I took the other day. At least they both have their eyes open!!

Love this one of Gavin! He was having a fun time, we got to go see all the buses before we tried to quickly take some photos.

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Bringing back the onesies

So Madison has discovered a new talent, she can undress herself! Now every time I go to get her in the morning or after a nap, she has stripped down completely. I have a feeling just telling her not to do that any more won't do the trick, so she now has to put on a onesie before she sleeps (which is also difficult because she insists on trying to dress herself as well and they are not the easiest to put on). For now she has not learned how to take them off. I think with the undressing and her determination to climb out of her crib we will be moving her to a toddler bed and potty training relatively soon....it's never good to have a naked baby climbing out of their crib and running around the house, that could become a messy situation really fast.

Sunday, February 07, 2010

Rain Rain Go Away

I have officially decided I would not make it one month living in Seattle. Rainy days with 2 young kids is just not ideal. Does anyone else get bored of inside activities?? We have read and read and read books, we have built hundreds of lego towers, we have play doh stuck to every surface in our house, we have made cookies and cupcakes, Gavin has the Blues Clues songs and dances memorized, and we have done every craft that kids under the age of 3 can attempt. Why is it that I can spend 30 minutes getting everything ready for us to do a really fun craft project and then Gavin is finished in 53 seconds (unless there are LOTS of stickers and then it might take him a full minute and a half to finish).

Well, we are looking forward to sunny days playing in our backyard and at the park.

An exciting sidenote, Madison has enough hair for a ponytail! Now we just need enough hair so I can put those pink sponge rollers in her hair.... anyone else do they that when they were little???

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Oh the snow

Gavin is not a big snow fan, it's too cold Mommy!! It was a bummer because when he saw the snow (the first time it snowed) he looked at it out the window and said, "I've waited all my life to play in the snow". He has become very dramatic lately...I wonder where he gets that???

Today the rain before the snow was not good for our trees or our ability to leave the house....


Well the kids are napping so I am forced to get to working on posting sessions that I need to on the photography blog...first on the list is Randi and Cody's wedding, go check it out!