Saturday, March 20, 2010

What Not To Wear

Kids can have the strangest preferences when it comes to clothes. Gavin has two (faded) shirts he LOVES, his "skateboard shirt" and "digger shirt". Every morning when we get dressed and I pull out a shirt that is not one of these shirts he gets his whiny voice and "Nooooooo I want my skateboard/digger shirt". One week he wore only these 2 shirts...that is the same 2 shirts for 7 days. I now sometimes intentionally leave them out of the wash so he doesn't get to wear them more than 2 times a week (yes I do that much laundry) and sometimes I even tell him "its not clean" when it might be. Is that bad?? I know, it is, okay I wont do it anymore. When my sister was little she wore a pink tutu over everything. Did you know you can wear a tutu over jeans, a sweatsuit, pajamas, even a bathing suit??? Well, Madison has now reached this stage. Every morning we get dressed, she always prefers to wear a skirt or dress, she wants a bow in her hair or pigtails, and then she wants.....

yes these are rattle socks
yes they are made for infants
yes that is a strange looking red and orange monkey
no they do not fit at all, the heel ends in the middle of the bottom of her foot
yes sometimes she wears them outside to play
and yes she has worn them to the grocery store
This look is not much better than the rattle socks
he can throw the ball
and he can catch the ball
Such a big boy!!

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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Getting Ready for Spring - Sisters Gardens

I am so excited that my bulbs are coming up and my small rosebushes have leaves budding on them!! This year I really want to do a lot with the yard and get it looking really nice. I like gardening, but it is not the easiest thing when you have 2 babies. This spring they are older, both can walk, and LOVE playing outside (the entire time we are out back Madi just cilmbs up her slide, slides down and then repeats this for an hour until we go inside, I don't know how she does it!!), so I am ready to get to work. And may I just say I have a LOT of work to do.

Debbie and her sisters have this really great site called Sisters Gardens where they sell everything for your garden from gardening tools, to stepping stones, to patio furniture, and even information on organics. One thing I really really love the barnwood furniture, I really want the buffet. I love yards that have outdoor kitchens and great furniture so that it truly looks like an outdoor living space.

I also love this planter. Isn't it fabulous??

Another cool thing they carry is unique plants that you can't just go pick up at your local home depot. Are these not AMAZING?? This is a firewheel tree.

Right now they are offering 15% off your purchase!!

Last year you might remember we planted seed in our backyard. That was an adventure. We still have some bare spots in the back so we are going to reseed *sigh* and hopefully it will be looking great by Gavin's birthday, which I am hoping to have in the backyard. We also have this strange side area where we cannot get ANYTHING to grow. Right now a path of flagstone separates the part of the yard where grass grows and the barren dirt part. We are considering just filling in the whole area with flagstone and creating a patio area where Jordan can grill and we can set up our patio furniture. 2 of our back flowers beds have nothing in them, so if you have a great looking flower bed you should post a photo and tell me what is in it!! I am looking for ideas!!!

Tuesday, March 02, 2010


I cannot resist sharing a few pics from a session I am working on right now of sweet Eliza. More to come later!