Saturday, October 31, 2009

Babies, Babies, Babies

Kendi - 3 months
I had so much fun taking photos of Kendi, it is incredible that at only 3 months old a child has so much personality already.
Are her blue eyes not amazing??

Madison- 1 Year
I still cannot believe my sweet girl is one!  I have a funny sibling story.  The other day Madison was playing with Gavin's dumptruck, which he did NOT like, so he walked over to her yelled "no Madi!",  pushed her down, then proceeded to walk to his timeout chair without me even saying a word.  I guess it was worth it.

Crew Colley
more to come soon!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Corbin and Kenzie

This past weekend our really great friends, Brad and Brooke, came to visit and of course I had to take pictures of their kids. They are so adorable, can't you just see them in a gap ad?? I love this family so much!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

busy busy

Life has been busy is an understatement for us. Jordan has 1,349,895,389 videos to edit it seems like and I have been shooting and editing and working on website stuff like crazy.
We do all this after 9 when the kids are in bed, so therefore blogging has been put on the end of the list.
Some happenings in our lives....
Gavin had his "first" real haircut at sports clips, which was quickly followed by a second haircut, compliments of Daddy. Someone should notify sports clips that bowl cuts have not been in style since, well, never. Although I must say, Gavin looked SO cute, even with a chili bowl.
Madison had her first bad sickness, strep throat, followed by a mysterious rash which is still coming and going.
Madison had her first birthday last Sunday, it was so fun and special, even though she was covered in a rash.
Uncle Landon moved back to Lubbock. YAY!
My website is up! Not completely finished, but still, it's up.

The Haircut
From blog

One from a bridal session I did recently, there are more on my photography blog, but it is not quite ready yet.
From blog

A couple from an engagement session
From blog

From blog

I really want to get Madi's birthday pictures up and post some fun pictures of the kids soon, hopefully soon won't be a month from now!