Friday, July 31, 2009

Sarah - Maternity

I took some maternity pictures of Sarah a LONG time ago. I decided to share some, but I had to majorly compress them, which is altering the color and details (very frustrating). If anyone knows how to get images to look better on blogger let me know.

Isn't she beautiful? She had that "pregnancy glow" goin on.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Mr. and Mrs. Zack Jameson

Two weekends ago my sister got married in lovely Sante Fe. It was a small intimate wedding and was very beautiful.

The ceremony was in the Loretta Chapel, which is known for it's miraculous staircase. The chapel was gorgeous.

Beautiful bride

The reception/dinner was held at the Compound, the food was delicious and everyone there was so nice. The cool thing was that we were upstairs in a private room and our room opened into another private room in which they were holding a cast party for the movie "Paul". Jason Bateman (think arrrested development and Juno),Sigourney Weaver, Bill Hader (SNL), Kristin Wiig (SNL), and the guy from School of Rock that plays the brother, Ned, were all there. It was really neat. Seth Rogen is in the movie, but I never saw him so I am not sure that he was there.

Video guys are so silly.

Congrats Zack and Kate!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

To Catch A Butterfly

First, locate a pretty butterfly.

Preferably, the butterfly should be among some brightly colored flowers.

Continue to move closer, keeping your fingers crossed that it will not fly away.


Saturday, July 11, 2009

Favorite Moments

It is so easy to get busy each day and forget to enjoy the simple things my kids do that I love. Some of my favorite moments of the day are when I first get my kids out of bed in the morning and get them up after their naps. Madison is always standing up now, just waiting for Mommy. Gavin is always yelling "I want up", "I want Mommy" and always jumps up when I walk in and has big smiles for me. I love how excited they are so see me! Before too long Gavin will be in a big boy bed and coming and waking me up!

"I want up, I want up, I want up, I want up!"
He repeats things over and over for me.

Isn't his bed head cute?

Thursday, July 09, 2009

The Fourth and random thoughts

Before I get to our fourth of July, let me just tell you a few things I have learned about two year olds:
1. Two year olds begin at least 90% of their sentences with "I want".
2. The other 10% consist of "NO" or in Gavin's case "No WAY!"
3. Two year olds discover bodily functions are funny. This might only be the case with boys, I guess I will find out soon enough!
4. Two year olds do not share ANYTHING that belongs to them with their siblings.
5. Two year olds think EVERYTHING belongs to them. This can include, but is not limited to, toys, food, people, furniture, and even entire rooms.
6. They like to eat on the go. I have to keep a close eye on Gavin when it comes to snack and meal time. Today I layed Madison down for her nap while he was eating lunch and came back to Gavin and an emtpy plate. Later I found his burrito on the bathroom counter. Gross.
7. They have great imaginations. Gavin was moving all the dining room chairs around and I almost stopped him, but he seemed to have a plan, and he did! He made a train out of our dining room chairs and the buffet. He lined them up one after another behind the buffet, put his stuffed animals in the back chairs and he held on to the buffet at the front and choo chooed. Isn't he smart?
8. Two year olds think they are smarter than you. Gavin gets stickers for going potty. Somtimes he will just sit down on his potty for maybe 2 seconds, then stand up, close the lid really fast, clap and say "yay" and expects a prize.
9. They can make you feel incredible joy. I never realized just how sweet the words "Nite, Nite Mommy, Love you" would be.

Our fourth of July was really fun. We went to the parade and Gavin really loved it. He figured out you were supposed to clap and wave at all the floats and Madison had just learned to clap, so she clapped to. Gav's favorite thing was watching the road sweepers that would follow the horses. After the parade we were planning on hanging out with our friends Shan and Daniel for the weekend, but sickness got in the way. Such a bummer. Instead, we took a family trip to Ruidoso and it was great. Hopefully I will post about it in the next week (or knowing me - month). Hope everyone else had a great holiday!