Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The nice thing about summer....

is that your kids don't get sick. Right? Wrong. Madison has too many sicknesses to even count. Somehow she has managed to catch a cold, a stomach virus, and is teething all at the same time. It was ridiculous when I was telling the nurse all her symptoms, the list went on and on and on. It is awful. I hate when my kids are sick, I just want to make them feel better and I feel so helpless. Gavin came down with it tonight. He was gagging earlier and said his tummy hurt, but just got sick for the first time about an hour ago. Madison started feeling bad Sunday evening and is still running a fever, snot nosed, and having unpleasant diapers, no more vomiting though. And for me, I woke up with the cold-like symptoms and I am hoping it just stays at that.

Here are some pictures I took the other day of Gavin and Madison. It was there 10 month and 27 month pictures.

Definitely click on these and look at them big, you have to check out her cute ponytail!!

These next one is her new "look". She is always making this face, what would you say she is thinking when she look like this??
I still cannot get over her eyelashes.

Look, one hand Mom!
I wanted to try and edit some of Gavin and post them, but I am too tired. Maybe some other day. But here is just one. Isn't that a cool wall??

Hope everyone stays well and my kids made no one sick!!!

Friday, August 14, 2009

A little about Madison...

As of today...
She weighs 18 lbs 5 oz (this is ONLY because she is very active because she eats a LOT)
She is 28" tall

This girl LOVES food. I mean REALLY loves it. She has never denied a bite of food or spit anything out. Some faves are cut up tomatoes, strawberries, zucchini, and cheese.
In this picture she is sucking out the inside of the green bean. She likes to do this before she eats the skin. "Skin"??? Is that right? Green bean skin. That sounds disgusting.

She wants to walk everywhere holding onto my finger, but as soon as I let go she gets so mad. Today she was holding a crayon and I let go and she didn't realize it because she had the crayon and she took several steps! So I don't think it will be long.
Yes, that is a golf ball she is holding and a truck she is pushing. I usually put her doll in the truck to make it a little more feminine.

Swinging is a favorite game along with chase. It is especially fun if Gavin will crawl after and try to get her, she loves it.

She loves her thumb. She always sleeps with her right thumb in her mouth and her left hand holding her ear. SO cute. Isn't she big girl in her bed now??

Monday, August 10, 2009

"I Want A Lil Bike.."

I heard this phrase 243,328,443,903 times every. single. day. For 2 weeks.

Gavin saw a little boy riding a tricycle to the park and the entire time he was there Gavin just stared at this tricycle. In his mind this was the greatest invention ever and he needed one NOW.
He asked and he asked. I tried to get him to ride his tractor, which has pedals just like the little bike, but he did not fall for it. A tractor would not suffice, the boy wanted a lil bike.

Here is a conversation I had with Gavin:

Gavin: Mommy, cuuuute.
Me: Aw, thanks Gavin, you are cute.
Gavin: Mommy cute!
Me: Thanks, you are the most handsome little boy in the world.
Gavin: Mommy......(he tilts his head to the side and gives me the sweetest look ever)
Me: (falling into his trap, I think he is about to say the sweetest thing ever)
Gavin: I WANT A LIL BIKE! (no more sweet tone, no more cute head tilt, he is downright serious)

Can you believe he has already learned how to sweet talk me???

Isnt he cute on his Lil bike? I wish we could get a paint job on it and take off radio flyer and have "lil bike" painted on it. It would be cool to do a spin off west coast choppers and make a rad tricycle.

I love converses for little boys.

Every tricycle needs storage on the back, Gavin keeps McQueen back there.

What do you call these things that hang off the handlebars?? Streamers?? Tassles?? But whatever they are called Madison likes to grab them and Gavin does not like it. However he does let her put stuff in the storage bin. I guess he is just protective of the tassles.

Can't you just see Madison standing on the back of the tricycle and hitching a ride from Gavin??

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Yo Baby Giveaway!

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Sunday, August 02, 2009


Aren't they so sweet?? I love this picture because that day they were actually playing together. Madison is finally gotten old enough that they are able to interact and play more, it is so neat to watch.

Which do you like better - color or black and white??