Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Finally got my iphone mess figured out! So here are the pics I took on my phone of our golf fun.

Gavin's sweet golf clubs he got for his bday that Jordan wishes were his. The bag even has the little kickstand, isn't that so cute!! (is it called a kickstand?? Or is that only on bikes???)
First you must pick your club.
Then you pick either a yellow or white ball and scoot in in front of you using your club. No you cannot hit Madi's shoe- it must be a ball. Why did she take off her shoes and put them in the ball pile?? Wait- why are her shoes off? Where is she???

Oh there she is, climbing into the net where Gavin is about the hit the ball.
Now Gavin has to take a turn in the net.
Finally ready to take a swing.

Always keep your eyes on the ball.... And on Madison when their are golf clubs around.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

I Love Technology

Anyone remember the technology song from Napoleon Dynamite?? Classic.

I have some lovely photos that I took from my iphone of Gavin and his Daddy playing golf but I have only had my iphone for 8 months so of course it is not synched up to my computer and of course I have no idea how to upload photos from my phone to my computer. This makes me feel like a 70 year old who doesn't know how to work a DVD player. Oh technology- you are not my friend.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

10 days....

until I get to watch Eclipse!!! Anyone else excited??

Thursday, June 10, 2010

A few life updates....

We have had a lot of change going on around here..,..

Gavin is now a big THREE year old!!! He had a super awesome birthday party (way down on my to do list is a blog of Gavin's party- but I WILL get to it) At his 3 year appointment he did amazing. He did everything the nurse and doctor asked him to and he did not cry the whole time, even when he got his shot. Can you believe it?! Madison however started throwing a huge fit as soon as we were called back from the waiting room (she thought she was having to see the doctor) and on the way out she proceeded to trip on the asphalt and cut her head, so it was a semi-perfect office visit.

Jordan is no longer working at Alderson. He worked there for about 3 years and it was a great job for him, God really provided a lot through that job and although working Saturdays and until 6 every day was less than idea, it was a great thing for us for those years. Jordan quit to pursue a job with All Size Industrial Sales. If you know are friends the Clarks, that is the All Size I am talking about. He represents that company here in Lubbock and he sells nuts and bolts, electrical supples, drill bits, and all things of that nature. So if you are in need of that stuff, give Jordan a call!! Jordan has loved the job so far (although there is always stress with a new job) and we are really excited about it!

Gavin went to the ear nose and throat doctor this Tuesday to have his tonsils checked out because for the past couple of years he has had bad sleep apnea, snoring, and abnormal breathing. The doctor came into the room took one look at his tonsils and said we needed to take them out as soon as possible, so next Wednesday is the big day! I am a little nervous, but mostly relieved that having the tonsils and adenoids removed will fix all the problems he is having.

We have been swimming at Fun N Sun. If you have two kids and think you cannot take them by yourself because you are totally worried that one of them would drown because how could you ever keep up with 2 kids who cannot swim, this is the pool for you!! haha I was really convinced there was absolutely no way I could take them to the pool by myself. There is a fun splash park area right by the pool that Gavin really loves and the pool is like a wave pool in that you walk into it from ground level. This is perfect because I can sit in the shallow water and they can both walk around and play and "swim" in the water. There is also a little park with a firetruck and a tall slide (2 of their favorite things). We love it. Madison's favorite is jumping off the side of the pool and going down the slide that is taller than me (have I mentioned she is the brave one???).

On a completely different note, So you think you can dance has started a new season. Last night they announced the 10 which turned into 11 contestants. I was sooo excited because I LOVE Billy Bell (my fave probably), Robert, Lauren, Kent Boyd, Adechike, Alex Wong, and Jose. Yes that is all of the guys and one girl, I love when they choose lots of lyrical type dancers. I am soooo excited (and Jordan too-but don't tell him I said that). To top it off Mia Michaels is back, oh how I LOVE Mia. She is only a judge, not a choreographer, but that is better than no Mia at all. Is anybody else obsessed with this show???