Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Finally got my iphone mess figured out! So here are the pics I took on my phone of our golf fun.

Gavin's sweet golf clubs he got for his bday that Jordan wishes were his. The bag even has the little kickstand, isn't that so cute!! (is it called a kickstand?? Or is that only on bikes???)
First you must pick your club.
Then you pick either a yellow or white ball and scoot in in front of you using your club. No you cannot hit Madi's shoe- it must be a ball. Why did she take off her shoes and put them in the ball pile?? Wait- why are her shoes off? Where is she???

Oh there she is, climbing into the net where Gavin is about the hit the ball.
Now Gavin has to take a turn in the net.
Finally ready to take a swing.

Always keep your eyes on the ball.... And on Madison when their are golf clubs around.

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Brooke said...

that made me laugh- madi with a golf club above her head- so amazing how similiar in personality her and kenz are- what are we going to do with these girls.....